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Jocelyn Schramm makes a perfect “5 Card Cash” match for the draw game’s top prize on July 5
Winner:Jocelyn Schramm, Groton
Claim Date:
Henny Penny #54, Groton
Groton’s $255,555 Top xoilac tvPrize Winner Celebrates “5 Card Cash” MatchSince ticket sales began for the CT Lottery’s new “5 Card Cash” game on May 4, more than 1,846,000 winning tickets have been sold, including a $255,555 top prize match on July 11th.? On July 5, however, it was a lucky Groton mom’s turn to celebrate.

“I scanned my ticket in a ticket checker and was shocked when I saw I won the top prize,” gác lại âu lo karaoke said Jocelyn Schramm with a beaming smile.? “I tried to stay quiet about it, but even the woman standing next to me at the counter heard me gasp out loud.”

The winning 5 Card Cash card symbols drawn on July 5 were: 5C - 7C - 8H - 7H - JD.? In addition to Schramm’s $255,555 top prize, 423 tickets on that date contained a match for prizes ranging from $20 to $555.? A total of 21,807 tickets contained “Instant tỉ số truc tuyen Win” prizes ranging from a $2 (free ticket) to $100. ?

Schramm waited until the following night after dinner to share the exciting news with her family.? “I made the big announcement when we were all sitting around the table.? I started handing my husband pieces of paper, one by one, each with different clues written on them,” explained Schramm with a grin. ?

On Friday, Schramm and her family arrived at CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill where she accepted a prize check for $174,545 (value after taxes).? “We’du doan kqxsll pay some bills, but we’re not really sure yet what we’ll do with the prize money,” Schramm said.

For selling Schramm her top prize winning ticket, Henny Penny #54 located at 294 Route 12 in Groton will also receive a check from the CT Lottery for $2,500.

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The winning names, stories and photos on this website are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recently claimed prizes of $10,000 or more. Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket is validated through a Lottery Retailer's terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes for that prize level is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.


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