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Jeff Clapp claims Lucky for Life? lottery draw game’s second highest prize for July 7th
Winner:Jeffrey Clapp, West Hartland
Claim Date:
Stop & Shop #625, Winsted
West Hartland Man Gets “Lucky” and Wins $25,000 a Year for Life PrizeIn a single moment, one small decision bang xep hang bong da viet nam 2017 can change a life forever.? Take Jeff Clapp of West Hartland, for instance.? He found a lottery retailer, picked up a “Lucky for Life” lottery draw game ticket, and two days later—he was $25,000 a year, every year, for life richer.

“I thought I only matched four numbers for $150, but when I looked again, I saw that I matched another…the number 1.? I had five numbers—and won $25,000 a year for life,” said Clapp. ?

The winning numbers drawn on July 7 were 1-17-21-25-27 and Lucky Ball number 19.? Clapp’s Lucky for Life “Quick Pick” ticket missed the Lucky Ball number, but his five number match rewarded him with the game’s second highest “For Life” prize.? It also edged up Connecticut’s total number of “lifetime” prize wins to 11 since September 2013.

The minimum guaranteed amount a second prize Lucky for Life “Annuity” kết quả trận đấu world cup winner could receive is $500,000 ($25,000 a year for 20 years), but winners who live longer than 20 years will receive prize payments for the remainder of their natural life. ?

Yesterday, Jeff and his wife, Denise, opted to collect his $25,000 a year for life prize in a one-time cash lump-sum of $390,000 (value before taxes).? “Taking the lump sum made the most sense for us.? We’re going to pay off some bills, but also do some fun stuff.? I’m looking at getting a new vehicle for myself, and for Denise—a new diamond ring,” Jeff said.

Clapp purchased his Lucky for Life prize winning ticket at Stop & Shop #625 located at 200 New Hartford Road in Winsted.? Stop & Shop #625 will receive a $2,500 bonus check from the CT Lottery for selling the ticket.


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The winning names, stories and photos on this website are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recently claimed prizes of $10,000 or more. Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket is validated through a Lottery Retailer's terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes for that prize level is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.


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