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Brother and Sister share their $150,600 Lottery prize
Winner:E Charles Ellis Jr, Kittrell
Claim Date:
Vfw Post 9460, Stratford
Army Reserve vòng loại world cup chau a Veteran Uses Family Birthday Numbers to Win Powerball? Lottery PrizeFamily couldn’t be more important to E. Charles Ellis Jr. and Erin-Marie Boemmels of East Haven as they claimed their Powerball Lottery prize worth $150,600. “We’re a tight family—we take care of each other,” said Boemmels.
In fact, Ellis Jr.’s winning numbers are all family member birthdays. With 5 brothers and sisters, Ellis Jr. had to find the right combination; and indeed he did.

The winning numbers drawn on August 3, 2016 were ---- 9 – 11 – 27 – 66 – 67 – Powerball: 2 – Power Play: 3. Ellis Jr. matched 4 numbers and the Powerball number while adding the Power Play to win $150,000. For good measure, the siblings won another $600 by matching the 600 by matching four numbers on two different boards but did not match the Powerball number.? Ellis Jr. tối nay việt nam đá bóng also added the Power Play to each board.?

“He [Ellis Jr.] texted me,’” Boemmels told Lottery officials. “I said ‘Are you kidding me? You’re messing with me!’” Boemmels explained. “He told me ‘Tuesday morning, were going down to the Lottery.’”

Ellis Jr. and Boemmels plan to pay some bills but most of the money will go towards helping loved ones at their family ranch in North Carolina. “We’re supposed to help and build each other up,” Boemmels said. “He’s always been there for me—for everyone.”

Ellis Jr. is a proud 24-year Army Reserve retired veteran who travels back and forth between North Carolina and Connecticut to see relatives.

Ellis Jr.’s winning ticket was sold at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9460 located on 100 Veterans Boulevard in Stratford. ?


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