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Robert Durgy claims $50,000 prize with the purchase of a $5 instant ticket!
Winner:Robert Durgy, Danbury
Claim Date:
Game:$50,000 CASH
J & R Shelter Rock Road Llc, Danbury
Danbury Roofer Fulfills Life-Long Dream with a “$50,000 Cash” Top Prize TicketStopping for gas and a cup of coffee while on his way to work, Robert Durgy of Danbury made a spur of the moment decision at the counter to buy a CT Lottery instant game ticket. “I saw the ‘$50,000 Cash’ ticket sitting in the dispenser and something told me to buy it. I stuck it in my car visor and just forgot about it,” said Durgy.

Later on, while eating lunch, the 52-year-old roofer remembered that he still had that instant ticket to tl bd 88 play. “I scratched the ticket, starting from the bottom to the top, and saw I had a match—a pair of 34’s. I thought I won $50, which was great, I was ahead of the game…until I looked again and saw it was $50,000. That moment was totally surreal!”

Just before receiving his prize check at Lottery headquarters, Durgy shared a life-long dream with Lottery officials—one that would soon be made real, all thanks to a lucky purchase of a winning lottery ticket. “I’m going from here, straight to buy the Harley of my dreams—a Street Glide. I wanted one my whole life!” said Durgy.

Durgy purchased his top prize winning $50,000 Cash ticket at J&R Shelter Rock Road located at 2 Old Shelter Rock Road in Danbury. For selling the ticket, J&R will receive a $500 check from the CT Lottery.
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The winning names, stories and photos on this website are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recently claimed prizes of $10,000 or more. Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket is validated through a Lottery Retailer's terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes for that prize level is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.


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