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OVER $10.6 BILLION RAISED FOR CONNECTICUT SINCE vòng chung kết bóng đá thế giới 1972. 
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Winner:Antoinette Ann Kudelchuk, Jewett City
Claim Date:
Henny Penny #56, Lisbon
Connecticut’s Fifth Lucky for Life $25,000 a Year for Life Prize is ClaimedConnecticut’s fifth Lucky for Life “$25,000 a Year for Life” second prize winner, Antoinette Kudelchuk from Jewett City, didn’t let grass grow under her feet waiting to claim her fabulous once in a lifetime lottery prize.

The day after the Thursday, September 3rd Lucky for Life drawing, Antoinette arrived bảng xếp hạng wc at Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill with a "Lucky" prize winning ticket. She had missed the Lucky ball number, 14, but matched the first five numbers drawn, 25-39-46-47-48. Of the 11,551 winning Lucky for Life tickets sold in Connecticut for that date, Antoinette’s ticket was the only one that contained a five number match for the game’s second highest prize—$25,000 a year for life.

“When the clerk scanned my ticket with the lottery terminal he said, ‘You won second prize.’ I said, ‘What’s that? A thousand dollars?’ He said, ‘No, you won $25,000 a year for life.’ I almost had a total heart attack right there,” said Antoinette with a laugh.

Antoinette chose to claim her $25,000 a year for life second prize in a one-time cash lump-sum of $390,000 (value before taxes). “I know exactly what I’m going to do with the số 5 đội tuyển việt nam là ai money—pay my bills!”

For selling the Lucky for Life second prize winning ticket, Henny Penny #56 located at 114 River Road in Lisbon will receive a $2,500 bonus check from the CT Lottery.


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