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Winner:Errol Goffe, East Hartford
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South Green Package Store, East Hartford
Two Players Win "5 Card Cash" $255,555 Top Prizes in Back-to-Back DrawingsIt was very eventful holiday weekend for two CT Lottery players, each who won the 5 Card Cash game’s $255,555 top prize in back-to-back drawings.

The first winning ticket, purchased by Keith Ryan of Waterbury, contained a perfect match to the 5 Card Cash card symbols drawn on July 3rd: JD - 10H - 8S - 5S - 2H (Jack of Diamonds, 10 of Hearts, 8 of Spades, 5 of Spades and 2 of Hearts).

“When I scanned my ticket and saw that I won $255,555, I started crying. Then, I kissed the girl standing next to me at the ticket checker,” Ryan told Lottery officials with a laugh. “I’m putting this money in a retirement fund. I’ve been a mechanic for 37 years of my life, and it hasn’t been easy.”

Another 5 Card Cash top prize match was made the following day on a winning ticket purchased by Errol Goffe of East Hartford for the July 4th drawing with the winning cards: KS - 3D - 4S - 9C - 3C (King of Spades, 3 of Diamonds, 4 of Spades, 9 of Clubs and 3 of Clubs).

“I was in Boston on July 4th for the fireworks. I looked up the winning numbers on my phone and saw that there were two back-to-back top prize winners and thought, ‘Please let it be me!’ This morning, I picked up a winning numbers report and saw all my cards were a match—I couldn’t believe it.”

In addition to the two 5 Card Cash $255,555 top prize wins that occurred on July 3 and 4, a combined total of 477 tickets contained “Draw Win” prizes ranging from $20 to $555. A total of 27,432 tickets also contained “Instant Win” prizes ranging from a $2 (free ticket) to $5,555.

Ryan's winning ticket was purchased at The Good Life Wine & Spirits, 1249 West Main Street in Waterbury. Goffe purchased his winning ticket at the South Green Package Store at 725 Main Street in East Hartford. Each retailer will receive a $2,500 bonus from the CT Lottery for selling a 5 Card Cash top prize winning ticket.


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