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OVER $10.6 BILLION RAISED FOR CONNECTICUT SINCE trực tiếp xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp 1972. 
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Harry Kusmit of Northford
Winner:Harry Kusmit, Northford
Claim Date:
Game:30X Cash 8th Edition
Krauszer's Food Stores, North Haven
A "Good vietnam fo4 Sign" Leads Northford Man to a $30,000 Prize WinHarry Kusmit of Northford recently had heart surgery, so he thought it was múi giờ mỹ los angeles"good sign" that the "30X Cash 8th Edition" scratch ticket he purchased had a HEART symbol on it. While the HEART symbol wasn't a match for the game's $100 BONUS prize, Harry won the $30,000 top prize xs truc tiep mn instead! Way to go, Harry!!


The winning names, stories and photos on this website are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recently claimed prizes of $10,000 or more. Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket xo so m b thu 6 is validated fifa online mac through a Lottery Retailer's terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes for that prize level is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.

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