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Lucky for Life 25,000 a Year for Life Prize Winning Ticket is lo rong bach kim 88 Sold in Hartford County for Oct. 12Did you make the discovery this morning that it’s actually YOU who purchased the second prize winning ticket in Hartford County for last night's Lucky for Life? Columbus Day drawing? If so, you have won $25,000 a year - - every year - - for life!

The winning Lucky for Life numbers drawn on October 12, 2015 were 4-7-37-43-48 and the Lucky Ball was 5. In Connecticut alone, there were a total of 12,864 "Lucky" winners with prizes from $3 to “$25,000 a year for life” state-wide.

Since the new version of the dota 2 plus game began in January, Lucky’s ever-popular second prize has been won a total of 32 times, 6 of which occurred in Connecticut.

PRIZE CLAIMED:  Caesar Rositto, Wethersfield


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